Sunday, July 1, 2012

()#)#$&()@#$Q^@&( flies!

Sunday, July 1

So today Milo and Leo decided that it would be a good day to start wrestling... in the house whilst I'm attempting to unsuccessfully pill a cat.  WRONG!

It has just been too hot and too buggy for Milo to be outside for very long.  He gets winded just doing a trot around the yard and the deer flies are horrific.  I'm constantly squashing them on his skinny little hips.  He definitely does not have enough blood to share!   They buzz me incessantly and poor Sabrina being a tri, her ears are targets for them.  I put tea tree oil/lotion on her ears for the bites today and learned that it acts as a deterrent as well.  Bonus!

I know that the flies have a very short life cycle, but it seems too long!  I don't recall having this problem in the yard last year.  On the road, yes, but not in the yard.  I wonder if it has anything to do with the smaller number of frogs and toads this year?  Not sure why that is either as we don't put out any chemicals.

Hoping for a predator to eat fly larvae.  Will see about getting some traps to hang in the trees.

Ramon considers how best to approach Milo. Note the new "peach fuzz".

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  1. Andi, I started giving the dogs garlic chews this spring and it is working. I haven't found one tick. The other day while I was getting eaten alive, I looked at Woodson and he had mosquitoes buzzing around him, but none actually landed on him.