Thursday, February 27, 2014

Milo got mail!

27 February 2014

This week there was a large package at the front door addressed to Milo.  Inside was a very festive and colorful crate mat and matching bag - along with a very nice donation check for collie rescue.

What a lovely surprise!    Thank you Nancy!  We are so sorry that the bad weather prevented us from getting together over the weekend.  Hopefully there will be another opportunity to try it again soon.

More on our weekend adventures very soon.

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine...

14 February 2014

We received some good news today! Milo's blood work is normal for the very first time - the low end of normal but we'll take it! Dr. Choi at the U of MN is cautiously optimistic that things will continue to improve more fully into the normal zone. She is prescribing another round of herbs that are less potent than the last batch, but will add some herbs to help his back issues. Yay! 

When we arrived at our appointment today, both the veterinary student  - same one as last week - and Dr. Choi remarked that he was much less "sloped" in his posture.  He had more acupuncture today as well for his back.   Milo has been starting to trot with the jaunty bounce that makes those gorgeous tipped ears bob with each step.  I love it!  

Cautiously optimistic is due to fact that last time Milo had a break from the herbs his CBC took a significant step backwards with regard to platelets and monocytes - so we will have to keep an eye on that.   

I'm quite relieved!

Milo at his appointment with Dr. Choi.  She is demonstrating to the veterinary student some diagnostic points in Oriental Medicine.  You can see how weak his back was before the acupuncture.  

Milo and Leo in June of 2012

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wired Up

9 February 2014

On Friday Milo went to his appointment with Dr. Choi at the Univesity of Minnesota for the issues he's been having with his back.   Dr. Choi found that his rear left leg is very weak and the muscles in that limb are much less developed than on the other side.  Not sure if it is due to an old injury, but he has been compensating by using the other hind leg much more.  Dr. Choi provided electroacupuncture for him which he enjoyed very much.  Dr. Choi didn't think that an x-ray at this time would show much since she feels that the problem is soft tissue and/or tendon related.

I need to get him in for a blood test so she can look at where his monocytes are after finishing his latest round of herbs.  I tried on Saturday, but wasn't able to get a tech appointment to do so.  Once we have a blood panel she can prescribe herbs that may help his leg as well as his white blood cell levels if needed.

Dr. Choi wishes to see Milo again next week for more acupuncture and have made an appointment for Friday.  Hopefully I will be able to bring along a blood panel for her to see.

I asked her if I should restrict his activity, but she said it really would not matter at this time.  She is concerned that he may be developing arthritis.   He is young-ish for this to occur, but the severity of his condition may be aging him prematurely.  We have no idea how long he was sick and fending for himself before he was rescued.

Milo was pretty blissed out during the experience.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rock your world

1 February 2014

Milo had a very big week last week.  And he did not enjoy it.

I picked up a young collie in need of help because his family lost their home and brought him back to the house.  Milo did not approve in any way, shape or form.  He demonstrated this in his actions; he didn't finish his meals, he began having accidents in the house and some of his fearful behaviors re-surfaced.   The puppy was here for one day before I sought assistance with finding a different for home for him.

The photos below demonstrate how sad it made Milo to have this "interloper" in his life.  

Milo's world is now back to normal and he is much relieved.  No more sad eyes. 

Milo had a trip to the canine chiropractor for an adjustment.  This week he has been doing some trembling at certain times and I'm not sure if it is related to stress or the subzero temperatures we've been experiencing.  He did a bit of the trembling at the beginning of the appointment, but seemed to relax a bit following the adjustment.  

We have an appointment on Friday to see Dr. Choi at the University of Minnesota to see if we can help him with some acupuncture and maybe some herbs.  He finished the herbs he was on for his monocytosis on Thursday, so we'll see what his blood levels say about his overall health.