Saturday, July 14, 2012

Giving back feels good

Saturday, July 14

I know that a few people are following Milo's progress and I wanted to share a few thoughts about some of his history.

Milo is well down the road to recovery because some kind strangers brought to him to Red Lake Rosie's Rescue rather than shoot him.  I'm not sure that any of us can appreciate the extreme poverty that the people who live on the Red Lake Indian Reservation experience or the number of animals who are left to fend for themselves there.  I was reading Red Lake Rosie's blog and was shocked as I read this entry:

Sarah Beth's Experience of Red Lake for the first time

The people who were going to shoot Milo were going to do him a favor.   Rather than let him starve to death - which he was clearly doing - they were going to end his misery.  Certainly not in the manner we would want to have happen, but when one has no resources, you make do with what you have.  Seeing so much suffering on a daily basis, sadly, one must become immune to the scenes of starvation.

Obviously, I'm relieved that Milo is here with me now and is getting the medical care that he needs.  It is just a way of life which we don't want to consider, but it is a reality for some.

This leads me back to where it began with Milo in Red Lake.  If you don't know about the work that Karen Good of Red Lake is doing with Red Lake Rosie's Rescue you MUST watch this:  Eleven Who Care

I had questioned the state of Milo for his trip down to the Twin Cities crawling with wood ticks, but now I understand.  They don't have the $$ for tick preventative when there are so very many medical needs.  Where do you even decide to begin when you have to triage an animal?  What is the most life threatening?  In Milo's case, there was a whole lot to consider life threatening - the abscess which was the size of a soft ball and had driven infection into his ear and his eye.  And when you consider that the vet costs $$ where does a rescue start when there are so many others also in need of medical attention?  The work they are doing is fantastic as it must seem overwhelming at times when there are so many in need.  I love that so many groups are affiliated with Rosie's; from rescues to spay/neuter projects to volunteer groups doing service projects.  It is a wonderful collaboration.

Read a few of the blogs from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and then donate to them.
All contributions are tax deductible. Please send to:

Karen Good
Red Lake Rosie Rescue, Inc.
23880 South Good Road
Trail, Minnesota 56684

Do you have other items that they could use from their wish list?  Visit:
If your item is to large to mail, get it to me and I'll send it up with Milo's transport pal.  I know that I have some items that I will be sending.

Now that Milo's health is improving, he is well enough to get the dental he needs for a number of dead teeth which need to be removed and Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue will be paying for that.  You can help them here:  Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue

The photo below?  This is what can happen when two rescues work together to help animals.  If it weren't for the work of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, Milo's best option would have been that bullet.

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