Monday, July 9, 2012

splendor in the grass

Monday, July 9

After work this evening we loaded up on fly spray - a homemade organic concoction - and spent some well deserved time in the yard extending a raised bed that should have been done a couple of months ago.  More independence reinforcement required for the endeavor or I would never get anything done.   It is a lot of responsibility to have a dog who would prefer to be physically attached to one at all times.  As nice as it can be at times to have a snuggly dog, it just isn't practical for getting on with life.  It can also be dangerous - like if I have a knife or a hot pan or boiling water.  And, it just makes it more difficult on the dog when the humans need to leave them behind.  Independence and confidence are GOOD!

Milo was exhausted with the effort of watching me work.

Since we are 30 days out from the liver damage diagnosis we are due to have Milo re-tested for his liver values this week.  Probably at the end of the week.

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