Monday, July 2, 2012*t

Monday, July 2

Well... it hit the fan.  Or it would have but it was in a crate.

Any non dog people should just stop reading now.

Milo HAD to go (#2 if you missed the title of the post) and so went in his crate while I was at work today.  He went this morning outside, so it wasn't that he hadn't gone yet.    It was firm this AM and it was firm in the crate.  I'm thinking that as we've been transitioning him over from the ID to normal food perhaps we should cut down on the quantity since the ID has much less protein.  We've gotten him to half and half and when we started to go beyond that he was stressed out with the visit to the vet and the herding trial so I left him at the halfway point lest we give him stress colitis.   He should continue to gain weight with a lesser quantity since there is more protein than the ID.  He has been on 2 cups twice a day + handfuls of kibble to go into the crate.  I think I'm going to do 1 1/2 cups twice a day with the extra kibble tomorrow and see how he does while I'm gone.  He does not appreciate that I have to work and Leo does not help as he also protests greatly when I leave.  

So... Milo had a bath, the bedding had a bath (2 actually on SANITIZE) and the crate got a bath.  I have to say that the shave job comes in handy for this type of situation.  A rough collie with any sort of gastrointestinal issue is undesirable to say the least.  A fuzzy butt with the trots is just not even sort of fair and typically involves a haircut and a hosing.

It was a perfect day to have to get wet and he dried in 10 minutes outside. 

So... SH*T!

PS  and the flies?  Tea tree oil is the ticket.  Some of the mosquito sprays don't work at all.   Makes sense as I read that some police canine officers use menthol on their dog's ears.  

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