Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The pillow

September 25

Milo is comfortable with cats.  And ON cats.....

Milo and Mao.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Healing hands?

Saturday, September 22

Today the dogs went to help out at a herding instinct testing for the Collie Club of MN as it was held where we train.   I thought it would be fun for the testers to see a collie handling livestock for their event.

Milo, as usual, made a lot of new friends when he came out of the crate to stretch his legs and received lots of pets and hugs.

One lady gave him "healing energy" with her hands.  I'm not sure I believe in this, but it certainly can't hurt!  Send out the negative energy?  Sure!  He can use all the help he can get.  He got attention and so it is all good from his perspective.

Some nice collies were tested.   Fun to see them turn on to stock.  

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fuzz and brrrr

Friday, September 21

Milo is getting fuzzy!   Just in time for autumn and cooler weather.  People recognize him as a collie with his new look.  He LOVES to be brushed.  He stands very still and relishes every stroke of the comb or brush with half closed eyes.  If it has to do with hands touching him, he loves it.   Still on a mostly soft diet for his dental issues.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Still healing

Monday, September 17

Milo is still recovering from his last surgery.  On Friday I thought the incision might be infected and managed to get him in on Saturday to have Dr. Ryan peek at it in the lobby.  What had appeared to be some sort of white sore turned out to be an internal stitch along the upper part of his gum line which is slowly working its way out.  The other stitches are not dissolving, but are holding.  The area is still inflamed even a month and change out from his surgery.  It is not normal that the stitches not dissolve.  Poor kid.  

Ryan put him back on antibiotics as a preventative.  Needs to be seen again in another couple of weeks.   

We were at a herding trial all weekend so he got lots of affection and attention and loved it.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

3 months down

September 8, 2012

Wow.  Milo has been recuperating for three months!  It was June 7 that we met up with the extreme shaved collie boy.    With the nip in the air tonight - it is only 60 degrees which for this summer seems down right chilly - it feels like we might drop quickly into fall.  Where did the summer go?

Naughty Sabrina, Leo, Milo and I made a trip to the dog park on Friday evening after work.  As I was unloading the dogs I heard a deep voice ask, "Is that Milo?"   I turned around and there was a very attractive guy asking if he could take Milo into the park.  Milo had made his acquaintance on a previous excursion so I felt okay about it.  I was still leashing up the pups, so Milo went with his new friend toward the park.  I was keeping an eye on them out of my peripheral vision as the distance was only about 40 feet from my car to the park gate.  Milo stopped about 1/2 way there and turned back toward us which surprised me.  He usually is very willing to go off with anyone.   I thought this was interesting.

The exciting thing that occurred during our park visit is that Milo actually chased some dogs - right behind Leo of course.  He has only done this on a few occasions so I was very pleased that he was feeling up to it.   I  thought about trying to take a video, but Ms. crabby pants Sabrina wanted to play "fun police" so I needed to keep my eye on two wildly chasing boys and one cranky girl determined to stop that nonsense.

 So.... Milo is a guy magnet!  :)    One of my studentd at school met some baseball players using Milo as "bait".   It works!

The other encouraging news I heard this week, in talking to one of our herding pals who also shows her Tervs, is that many times neutering can drastically affect undercoat.  So...hormones may also be a factor in Milo's lack of undercoat at the moment.  There have been so very many other health challenges, neutering seems like a non-issue in his summer.    Glad he is growing at least some coat so I won't worry about cooler weather.  This made me feel a little relieved about the state of his coat to be reminded of the affect of hormones on coat.    It may take some time for him to have a normal coat.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday, September 5

Good news and not so good news from our vet visit to re-check the 2nd surgery.

The good news is that Milo tested negative for heart worm and tick diseases - as Dr. Speltz wanted him tested 90 days out from Milo's de-ticking experience.  

Not so good news is that the incision area over his canine still has stitches and, although they are holding fine, they are not dissolving as they should be if there were normal tissue there.  Apparently, the salivary juice action along with granulating healthy tissue cause them to dissolve in a normal situation with the brand of suture material he used.  Ryan said this probably means it is scar tissue which is not granulating.  The inflammation has abated,but is still present.   So, another 3 weeks of no chewing hard things, a soft diet and another check up. 

The other concerning issue is the quality of Milo's coat.  He is growing some nice fuzz, but there is no undercoat present.   I had my groomer (another collie person who wrote the grooming article on the MWCR website) look at it and she agreed.  So... we are starting a supplement called Nupro http://www.nuprosupplements.com/ which I've used for years.   

Milo is still not very active and sleeps a great deal for his age.  He still has not been very playful, much to Leo's dismay, and now with the coat issue I'm concerned about potential thyroid issues.   He has never had a thyroid panel (T4) pulled as there were so many other glaring issues which would have affected the test.