Saturday, July 21, 2012

short and sweet

July 21

1)   First dog fight between Milo and Sabrina.  Vocal with no injuries.  Didn't see it as I was in the next room cleaning cat boxes.  There was kibble left in a treat ball and a discussion was had about who should take ownership.  

I won.

To me, that says that Milo is feeling more healthy and beginning to show some more of his true personality with this assertion of himself.

2)  Herding clinic this weekend which was to begin at 7 am.  Thunder and lighting beginning about 3:30 am.  Milo concerned.

Worse thunder and lightening at 4 am.  Milo more concerned and wanted into his crate (Sabrina was sleeping in front of said crate.  In other words, the troll was under the bridge)   Thunder shirt goes onto Milo.

5 am  light rain with some rumbles of thunder.  Milo is outside with us, but can't pee due to thunder.

6 am - breakfast then another trip outside.  Leo pees and Milo goes to sniff.  Going to... and then it THUNDERS!   Milo still can't pee due to thunder.

7 am HEAVY rain and thunder lighting, but dogs are in car on the way to herding clinic.

8 am  still raining, thunder in distance.  at training site.  FINALLY.... a pee!

Enjoy a video of Milo and Leo.  Leo is a bit too rowdy for Milo.  They are still not playing even though there is a bit of romping.

Shortly following the romp:

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