Wednesday, July 18, 2012

july 18

We've scheduled Milo's surgery to remove dead and damaged teeth for next week.  I've discovered a small hard lump on his neck near his ear, but not part of the scar tissue from the neck abscess.  I will have the vet look at it when he goes in for surgery.  I wonder if it might be pellets or bb's.

Milo has the run of the house at night and doing well with that.  He doesn't leave me so there is pretty low risk.  He is definitely progressing!

Here are some photos from the last couple of days.  Note that he is growing more fuzz and is filling out nicely.


  1. He look slike an overgorwn puppy, but so calm and happy.

  2. Thank you for this incredible help for Milo. Not only TLC
    and learning about the 'good things' in life, but he has a couple
    constant companions with humans and furry friends. Thank you
    so much for opening up a new world for this sweetheart!!

  3. Thank you for helping Milo through the "teeth issue". I had to have my teeth pulled, and it was no picnic, however, feel much better now.
    It is clear to see all the great care you are giving Milo- Thank you! Karen