Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bumpy night

Tuesday, June 2

Last night was a rough one.  Not sure if it was the stress from being in a crate with poo or the after effects of having a bath after said poo, but Milo coughed most of the night.  And then there was the thunderstorm at 3 am so not much sleep for anyone.  It is interesting how much stress affects him.  He is still on the decongestant tabs so it would be worse if he weren't on them.  I do wonder if the heat/humidity have affected him.  He's not out for very long as he starts breathing heavily from very little exertion plus I worry about how the lack of fur affects his ability to regulate his body temp.  Those double coated dogs have built in protection (normally) from cold AND heat.

After he did NOT a poo this AM which is highly unusual for him I finally gave up strolling around the yard with him and, with trepidation, left for work.   I left him in the crate in which he sleeps at night in the bedroom.

I did leave work early and when arriving home to all quiet approached the bedroom with caution. Whew!  All clear.

The fireworks tonight have him quite concerned, but the melatonin seems to be doing the trick and he's napping at my feet now.

Hoping for a good rest tonight!

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