Tuesday, July 10, 2012

on the outs

Tuesday, July 10

Milo is quickly learning "out" or "get out" which means turn around and walk away.  This is a command we use in herding when we need the dog to totally release pressure from the livestock and... get out.

When there are 3 collies crowding me in a narrow hallway and I'm loaded down with... groceries, cooler, boxes, whatever... a very low, quiet "get out" is useful.  It isn't cruel to them.  It just means to turn tail and walk away.  

I try to whisper commands to the dogs as much as possible.  They can hear a can opener from the other side of the house or a crumb drop from then next room... they can hear me whisper to them when they are in the same room with me.  My goal is to not shriek at the dogs.  If you start low and quiet if you do need to escalate volume it is much more dramatic than if you begin at a shout.

Tomorrow is a big day for everyone.  Leo and Sabrina to the groomer - blowing coat!  And Milo is spending the day at work with me.  Then on to herding with everyone.

One more decongestant tablet and I'm saving it for tomorrow night in case is it a stressful day for him.

That'll do.

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