Thursday, July 26, 2012

dental surgery part 1

Thursday, July 26

Milo went to the vet to have his surgery this morning.  Of course he had to greet all of his friends at Skyline Veterinary Hospital as he got checked in.  Milo had some dead teeth that although it appeared that they were not problematic at the moment would most likely become a problem down the road.

I received a call from Dr. Ryan Speltz as they were finishing up around 10:30 this morning.   As I suspected, due to the fact that my dogs will not drink from a bowl after Milo was there, his left upper canine was abscessed.  The dogs would periodically sniff his mouth and pull faces as well.  Unfortunately, the abscess was up into his sinus and created a nose bleed in both directions - into the sinus as well as through the mouth.  They were trying to get the bleed to stop as I was getting the news from Dr. Speltz.   I'm very glad that we were able to be proactive before the abscess really blew up.   Several other dead and dying teeth were also removed.

There are a lot of stitches so there will be more antibiotics and decongestant because the tube in Milo's throat will have irritated it again.

 Through kind donations with matching to Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue, Milo was able to get the surgery would help him lead a normal life.   A big thank you for this kindness.

I will be picking him up this afternoon.  More later.  

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