Friday, July 27, 2012

surgery part 2

Friday, July 27

When I picked up Milo from the vet yesterday in the late afternoon he had been given a very strong dose of morphine for pain so he was pretty out of it.  Still mobile, but needed guidance or he would just stand in one spot.  Once I got him loaded into his crate in the car he passed out and when we arrived home I had to wake him up.

He went out to potty and then came in, had dinner and passed out on the couch.

Later in the evening I noticed some spots on the sheet and realized that he had some bloody discharge from either the nose or mouth.  The vet said that this was not unexpected and was most likely bloody drool.   He was sooooo out of it.  I kept the basement door blocked so that he wouldn't accidentally fall down the stairs.  I also put him into his crate for overnight so he wouldn't wake and wander around in his disoriented state.

This morning his muzzle is terribly swollen and looks very uncomfortable.  He should still be getting some relief from yesterday's morphine injection, but we'll start baby aspirin this afternoon for pain relief.

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