Saturday, June 30, 2012

goodnight moon

Saturday, June 30

I'm very happy to report that the decongestant is a success.  We've had a couple of restful nights.  I was pleased that even though we spent yesterday traveling to a family gathering with lots of new people and small children the stress of that event didn't seem to set Milo back with his health.

One thing I'm noticing is that in the small increments in which Milo is gaining and stamina, more and more of his true personality is coming out.  Leo is picking up on this subtle transition and is getting a little more jealous and now that Milo has discovered the thrill of a chew stick is getting a bit competitive for "the good one".  Because you know if there are 5 of them there is only ONE good one!  There was even a small growl between them - before my more meaningful growl won the match.  This all is good stuff, for it means that Milo is starting to show his true self and feeling well enough to do so!

Leo will be thrilled when Milo can play and romp and wrestle with him.  Not yet, but hopefully sometime during the next few weeks!

Oh!  And we forgot to do develop a strategy for fireworks potty time tonight.  Leo and Sabrina are fine with them - Leo wants to go "get" them.  Milo just wants to stick close to me.  We'll be making a 2 am trip out when it is quiet for that one last tinkle.

Looking forward to another restful night.  This time with all the windows shut and the air on to block the noise from the neighbors who apparently went to Wisconsin for their illegal fireworks.

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  1. What a great thrill to watch Milo's health improve so dramatically over the weeks, and also
    to catch glimpses of his personality blossoming
    with your blog report.....thank you!!!