Saturday, July 14, 2012

dog park!

Saturday, July 14

Milo accompanied Leo and Sabrina to the dog park this morning.  It was the first time for him. Leo really needed to have a good romp and work off some energy and Milo just isn't into the rough play and chase that Leo finds necessary.

The park is one with lots of trails and woods so we were nicely shaded and it was pretty early, so it wasn't terribly crowded.   Milo did great.  He did seem to gravitate towards humans more than the other dogs which isn't surprising given his penchant for human contact.   I am pleased that he isn't clingy with me as long as there is SOMEONE whom he can follow, nudge, etc.    He did get attached to a lady who was walking at a good clip whilst I was cleaning up a poo from Leo and so we were separated for a bit.  He did not have a good recall in that situation, but we were quickly reunited.  The park is completely fenced so I was not worried about him.

He did make several new friends and I did have to explain numerous times about:

a) the shave
b) the weight
c) the breed - no he is not a greyhound....

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