Sunday, July 8, 2012

mint sauce or l'orange?

Sunday, July 8

Milo had a very big weekend.  He accompanied us to a herding party with friends.  Sabrina and Leo each worked ducks and Milo got a turn to come out and observe our doggie pals working sheep and ducks.  Even though he wasn't actually in the pen with the livestock he was very excited by the stock and let us know he would be happy to chase down any errant critters.   He LIKES sheep and ducks!

He shows a lot of prey drive with the squirrels in the yard, but I wasn't sure how much of that is "monkey see monkey do" with Leo.  Milo takes most of his doggie cues from Leo and this has helped build up Milo's confidence a great deal.  He seems to enjoy the company of other dogs a great deal.

I have wire crates in my van for the dogs when they are not working or with me.  Milo has netting over his to keep the bugs off of him since his fur is still pretty short.   After he turned on to stock he barked when he was in the car because he wanted MORE!!

After we were through with the stock all of our dog pals had a romp in the arena together and Milo actually did run around with the pack a bit.  It was good to see him happy with the group.  Of course my phone/camera was back in the car so I don't have photos.

Today I worked in the yard a great deal and was "supervised" from the shade.

Ramon has the dogs where he wants them.
How many collies do you see? 

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