Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pass the soap

Milo went to get his medicated bath for his skin today.  We went to visit a groomer pal to use the do it yourself tubs for this endeavor.  I was pleased how calm he was in the very busy parking lot where Fedex was delivering and we had to get around a semi to get into the store.  Milo took it all in stride.  He put his paws on the counter to see all of the groomers and made lots of friends.

My instruction from the vet was to not allow him to get cold, but we needed to leave the medicated shampoo on for 10 minutes.  Groomer Chris solved the problem with warm towels from the dryer.

This bath was prescribed by the vet because of all of the open scabby areas on his body.  I had a medicated antimicrobial shampoo for this endeavor.

Milo got his "boots" trimmed up too! 

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