Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picking up Milo

Monday, June 11

The call came on Monday morning that Milan would be going home with me.  I left work early and drove to my veterinarian's office to pick up the naked collie. 

Took copious notes from staff regarding the schedule for his numerous medications as well as his feeding, walking and poo-ing schedules.  Since it was reported that he did some territorial marking in the vet kennel, I was a bit apprehensive about his placement in my collie Leo's car kennel - but since that is what I had available we went with it! 

My concerns were for nothing as Milo (now officially changed from Milan because Milo is more accessible as a name; is it Mill-AHN like the city?, My-Lan?) was a very quiet passenger.  Probably was so relieved to be out of a kennel situation too.

Milo after he is sprung from the vet.  FREEDOM!
Leo and Sabrina were surprised to have a visitor in the yard.  Milo was very relieved to be out exploring.  So relieved, or perhaps intent on really making his mark, he pooped 3 times. 

We had about 2 hours of free time before I had to get ready to go to a herding class.  So, setting up a crate and dinner and meds were had and Milo was left to rest while Leo and Sabrina were off to see the ducks. 

We returned several hours later to find Milo sleeping soundly in the crate.  When we finally went to bed for the night, Milo whined and barked a bit in the crate but seemed reassured with the presence of the dogs and several cats.

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