Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fast food; food fast

Tuesday, June 12 - evening

Milo checks out Leo's stuff.  Milo is 50 lbs.
Milo has demonstrated that he is starved for food and starved for affection.  He is a total velcro collie.   If I move, he is right there with me.  Foster dogs always are tethered to me for at least the first few days while we sort out their reaction to cats, dogs, marking, house manners.  He is constantly searching and nudging my hands to be touching him. 

Milo's house manners are terrible.  He dives at any food and places front paws on counters seeking food.  Can't really blame him as he is terribly emaciated and not sure if he will have another meal ... ever.  He must think his name is "Nahaaahh!!" with all of the times he's heard it.

If he is not right with me on a tether he will be crated.  After he gets acclimated a bit he'll have more indoor freedom. 

Also doing Potty 101.  Outside frenquently and lots of praise for pottying.  So far no accidents in the house but because he is always with me, I'm not allowing him to go off and get into trouble. 

Not sure how I'm ever going to be able to cook anything with such a desperate animal tethered to me. 

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