Thursday, June 21, 2012

trials and tribulations

Milo has not done any running around until last evening, much to Leo's dismay.  He's really just trotted after me and then napped.   The coughing is better than it was last week, but there is still a bit going on.  I guess we'll know more since we are now done with the decongestant as of today. 

Our vet gave the okay for Milo to come with us to a herding trial this weekend and I'm hoping the stress/excitement of that won't set him back.  I was thinking about having him stay with someone, but I fear that any change will be stressful for him so at least he'll be with us.  He'll be crated in the car most of the time.  I've got netting to put over the crate to help prevent the bugs from feasting on that bare flesh.  Have to really watch when he's outside that he isn't a mosquito and deer fly snack.  

I suspect that at the trial he will make lots of new friends as he seems to love everyone.  


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