Thursday, June 28, 2012

Plan B

Well, we tried antihistamine last night.  No go.  Lots of coughing several times during the night.  Darn.

So... our vet has put Milo back onto the the decongestant he was on previously.  This is a decongestant, cough suppressant and anti-inflammatory.   As Milo is crated at night in our room this coughing is definitely not exertion induced.

How difficult to try to treat something when we aren't sure of the cause!  There are so many possibilities at the moment.  Is due from the neck abscess?  If so, is there tracheal damage?  Is it from the monocytosis?  Are his sinuses draining into his throat?  At least we've sort of ruled out allergies since the antihistamine was ineffective.  Tough job for a vet to try to figure this out when you can't ask the patient questions!

Why the long face? 

And if you consider the size of nose for drippage - those are some SERIOUS sinuses if they are draining down the back of his throat!

Hoping for a peaceful and quiet night tonight.  I need sleep.  And so does Milo.  Poor kid.

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