Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's a small world... after all.

Tuesday, June 12

At work, a conversation about a stage turned into the realization that a co-worker had been involved in bringing Milo to the Twin Cities.  This selfless person has been involved in many acts of kindness that adds hundreds of miles to her vehicle on a regular basis.  She is truly a hero for animals volunteering her time, her vehicle and often her home for many different rescues.  How wild to know that she was the one to drop Milo off at the vet on the very same day on which I had my cat appointment! 

I invited her to my office to find out more about Milo's story and to show her photos of him with his new bald look. 

Later that day she sent me a link from the rescue who had originally taken him in which gave a bit more background on his situation and photos of him pre-shave: Red Lake Rosie Milan

Crazy small world!

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