Friday, June 22, 2012

the phlegm fairy

Friday, June 22

Milo coughed a lot in the early AM it seems to be productive with a bit of yellow sputum.   Still breathing heavy - same not worse - when he gets excited or from exertion.  

Milo is still on cephalexin (1 pill 2x per day) and the omegarin (1 pill 1x per day).   His appetite is very good and doesn't seem to have a fever.   I'm a little concerned myself about the labored breathing and coughing.  The neck lump seems to be dissipating.  Still resting and sleeping a lot.  A bit of exertion really wears him out.  Also his bare skin is such a magnet for deer flies and mosquitoes!  I don't keep him outside very long at all.  Short jaunts for a quick stroll and potty and then back into the house and this is about all he can manage at this point.  

As I have crates in my van he will be able to nap at the herding trial this weekend.  I weighed the options of bringing him versus having him stay with someone and decided that familiar with us is probably the least stressful option.  

A snag with the trial.  The farm where it was supposed to be held has been quarantined due to sore mouth virus in the livestock.  So... it will be at the farm where we normally train with our sheep.  Luckily it was discovered before the trial!   Check with vet for Milo's safety. 

The biggest issue is stress, so going to try to keep it as low key for him as possible.  

My vet wants to take x-rays next week of Milo's chest to see if something is going on in there to make him cough. 

Fingers crossed. 

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