Thursday, June 28, 2012

Life of a foster "sibling"

Our house guest Milo is Leo's first experience with sharing his world with a foster sibling.  To say that Leo's world has been rocked is an understatement.  He's confused by having to share his house, car, crate and owner.

Both Leo and Sabrina have been very forgiving of Milo as if they sense he needs extra care and help.  Leo sporadically forgets that Milo is not strong and can't wrestle but he settles right down when I tell him that he needs to be careful of Milo.  Each day Leo is testing to see if today might be the day when Milo wants a good game of chase or fetch with a squeaky toy.

Sabrina, the epitome of the word bitch on a normal day, seems to understand that all but the most grievous errors of etiquette such as fully stepping on her are to be excused where Milo is concerned.  This is a great effort for her, but she does seem to get that he is needy.  

Both Leo and Sabrina were former foster dogs with me so they should be empathetic to Milo's situation although neither one had anything near his health issues, they each were strays.  I'm glad that they are somewhat empathetic to Milo.  I'm trying to take some time with each one of them to give them special time.  Leo went to obedience tonight and had a great time.  Both dogs have worked livestock a lot over the last couple of weeks - perhaps the greatest reward from their perspective.  

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