Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rock your world

1 February 2014

Milo had a very big week last week.  And he did not enjoy it.

I picked up a young collie in need of help because his family lost their home and brought him back to the house.  Milo did not approve in any way, shape or form.  He demonstrated this in his actions; he didn't finish his meals, he began having accidents in the house and some of his fearful behaviors re-surfaced.   The puppy was here for one day before I sought assistance with finding a different for home for him.

The photos below demonstrate how sad it made Milo to have this "interloper" in his life.  

Milo's world is now back to normal and he is much relieved.  No more sad eyes. 

Milo had a trip to the canine chiropractor for an adjustment.  This week he has been doing some trembling at certain times and I'm not sure if it is related to stress or the subzero temperatures we've been experiencing.  He did a bit of the trembling at the beginning of the appointment, but seemed to relax a bit following the adjustment.  

We have an appointment on Friday to see Dr. Choi at the University of Minnesota to see if we can help him with some acupuncture and maybe some herbs.  He finished the herbs he was on for his monocytosis on Thursday, so we'll see what his blood levels say about his overall health.  


  1. Guess you can hardly blame Milo for still wanting to remain being the center of attention! Sweet boy. He simply doesn't want to be over looked anymore in his
    lifetime. Hugs and kisses for Mr. Milo today....whisper in his ear that I love him
    and think of him daily. Thank you for making sure he continues to remain healthy
    and offer him stability in his life. By the way, will you be at this year's
    Pet Expo at the end of this month?

    1. Nancy - I'm not sure about the Pet Expo. Will you be traveling to the Twin Cities?

  2. Yes. I make crafts that will be sold at the RLRR booth, so will head out very early on that Saturday morning, arriving at the Convention Center just before doors open (I believe before 9:00 a.m.). Will be around there until about 1:00 in the afternoon.
    If your organization has a booth this year, I am definitely stopping to visit!