Sunday, February 9, 2014

Wired Up

9 February 2014

On Friday Milo went to his appointment with Dr. Choi at the Univesity of Minnesota for the issues he's been having with his back.   Dr. Choi found that his rear left leg is very weak and the muscles in that limb are much less developed than on the other side.  Not sure if it is due to an old injury, but he has been compensating by using the other hind leg much more.  Dr. Choi provided electroacupuncture for him which he enjoyed very much.  Dr. Choi didn't think that an x-ray at this time would show much since she feels that the problem is soft tissue and/or tendon related.

I need to get him in for a blood test so she can look at where his monocytes are after finishing his latest round of herbs.  I tried on Saturday, but wasn't able to get a tech appointment to do so.  Once we have a blood panel she can prescribe herbs that may help his leg as well as his white blood cell levels if needed.

Dr. Choi wishes to see Milo again next week for more acupuncture and have made an appointment for Friday.  Hopefully I will be able to bring along a blood panel for her to see.

I asked her if I should restrict his activity, but she said it really would not matter at this time.  She is concerned that he may be developing arthritis.   He is young-ish for this to occur, but the severity of his condition may be aging him prematurely.  We have no idea how long he was sick and fending for himself before he was rescued.

Milo was pretty blissed out during the experience.

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  1. I never grow tired of staring into Milo beautiful precious face. He melts my heart.
    Hope he continues to respond to his treatments. Hugs and kisses for this sweetie!