Friday, February 14, 2014

My Valentine...

14 February 2014

We received some good news today! Milo's blood work is normal for the very first time - the low end of normal but we'll take it! Dr. Choi at the U of MN is cautiously optimistic that things will continue to improve more fully into the normal zone. She is prescribing another round of herbs that are less potent than the last batch, but will add some herbs to help his back issues. Yay! 

When we arrived at our appointment today, both the veterinary student  - same one as last week - and Dr. Choi remarked that he was much less "sloped" in his posture.  He had more acupuncture today as well for his back.   Milo has been starting to trot with the jaunty bounce that makes those gorgeous tipped ears bob with each step.  I love it!  

Cautiously optimistic is due to fact that last time Milo had a break from the herbs his CBC took a significant step backwards with regard to platelets and monocytes - so we will have to keep an eye on that.   

I'm quite relieved!

Milo at his appointment with Dr. Choi.  She is demonstrating to the veterinary student some diagnostic points in Oriental Medicine.  You can see how weak his back was before the acupuncture.  

Milo and Leo in June of 2012

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  1. The sweetest news yet, and on Valentine's Day. Yay Milo!!!!