Thursday, November 29, 2012


29 November 2012

Last evening Milo disappeared after dinner which is served in the basement area.  I assumed that he had put himself up in the bedroom crate as he now does sometime.  But no, he wasn't in the bedroom..

I soon discovered that he never made it back up the stairs and was, indeed, in a crate but it was one of the wire crates in the basement where the dogs stay when no one is home.  Also where they are fed.  Milo was contentedly napping in "his" wire crate with the door open.

It seems that he forgot, once again, how to climb the basements stairs.  More coaxing, encouragement and sending Leo down and up, down and up, more encouragement and cheer leading.  Nope!  Not going to do it.  So I took the other dogs out the back door which is across the entryway from the basement stairs.  Milo could hear us leaving to retrieve garbage cans at the end of the drive.  Before heading down the driveway, I  peeked into the house.  Yep!  That had done the trick.  Milo was up the stairs and looking for us.   Sibling rivalry is a powerful tool.

Silly boy.  I'm not making a big issue of the steps issue other than giving him a "good boy!" once he gets up.  He needs to find his confidence and decide to do it even if it is a bit spooky and scary for him.

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