Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Confessions of a post teenage shoplifter

Wednesday, November 21

Every time we visit Chuck and Don's pet food store, Milo visits with all of his friends who have witnessed his transformation over the last few months.  They have commented on how much he has blossomed in both looks and personality.  He is so much more outgoing and happy now that he is more healthy.  It is a delight to hear that testimony from people that have watched his journey.

However, when we are at the pet food store I need to keep a sharp eye on him because he is a terrifically sly thief.

Milo accompanied me around the store greeting people and even sat nicely for a treat from one of the workers.  After we purchased our items and were on our way out the door, I turned away for a second and he snagged a treat out of a bin!  He has very fast reflexes when it comes to treats for sure.

Milo's comment on his pick pocket status?

1 comment:

  1. Thumbs up to Milo for nearly getting away with
    a quick snatch from the treat bin. "What?
    Me worry?" I'm in Milo's cheering section!