Sunday, November 11, 2012

Give me some love

Sunday, November 11

Milo had a big week last week.  He appeared as a special guest for Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and Minnesota Wisconsin Collie Rescue at a fundraiser called Pause for Paws.  It was a pretty swanky event with a heavy hors d'oeuvres dinner, drinks, silent auction, music, auction and booths for rescues that were being supported by the monies raised.  The venue was an entertainment center so it was kind of like walking into a nightclub environment.

Needless to say, Milo has never been exposed to an environment like this!  It was kind of crazy.  We arrived to find lines of people out the door, but were ushered in since we are part of a booth.  Milo took the opportunity to nose touch any hand in reach to see if they might pet him so it took a bit of coaxing to get him inside the building!  Once inside it was crowds of people and dogs being walked around.  Milo was a bit nervous so I was relieved when we located the Collie Rescue booth.  Milo was relieved because they had a basket of chicken strip treats on the table for which which he immediately dove and knocked to the floor.  Yeehaw!

Overall he did very well, but he was a bit nervous and overwhelmed with all of the action and distractions so it was difficult for people to get good photos of him.  Here are a few that actually worked:

A new friend

Milo draws a crowd
Milo visited the Red Lake Rosie's Rescue booth to thank them for helping him.
He checked the table for treats!


  1. Sounds like 'baby steps' seem to be working for
    Milo's introduction back into the social world.
    Cannot get over how beautiful he looks, and I never ever get tired of seeing photos of his
    precious face. Thank you for loving him.