Sunday, August 5, 2012

Host no more!

Sunday, August 5

Milo had delivered a beautiful sample of poo before we arrived at the vet the other day and since it has been a couple of months since he was treated for hookworm, it was time to re-check.  Good looking poo with NO PARASITES!  Good job, Milo!

Today we went to a newly opened dog park to check it out and the dogs gave it 4 paws up.   Milo actually played with Leo!  Actually, because Leo found some rough housing pals Milo got to gang up on him with others.  

Back to the vet on Wednesday for stitches in the sinus fistula hole in his gumline.  Hoping that the antibiotics are doing their job with the infection.  He loves the daily doses of yogurt to go along with antibiotics to keep his good bacteria flourishing.

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