Sunday, August 19, 2012

dog days

Saturday, August 18

This has been a summer of recovery for Milo.  It seems like he's had so many challenges and every time it appears that we might be really on the mend, he faces another obstacle.  

Milo's healing from the last dental surgery has been slow.  He began rubbing his face/muzzle after the pain meds were done probably because with any healing it becomes itchy.  The vet recommended that we put him on Benedryl, so he's had some morning and night. Also, I've kept him with me 24/7 to watch him so he doesn't scratch.  He likes this - a lot!!

We are due to go back to the vet this week to check out his mouth stitches.  From what I see it looks good, but I have not done a lot of probing or bothering in that area.

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  1. You're looking mighty handsome, Milo, and we
    continue to follow your progress daily. You
    have an incredible foster family....loving,
    patient, devoted to your needs. We are so happy that you are getting the care that you
    need. Keep those great photos and stories