Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back again

29 April 2014

On Sunday Milo, Sabrina and Leo visited our friend Kathy the canine massage therapist with Canine Massage For Movement.  Kathy has been instrumental in helping Milo and Sabrina with feeling more comfortable and able to move more freely and comfortably.

She worked on Milo first.  He was very happy to be touched and massaged.

Milo has had a pretty rough week. The relief he was receiving from the herbs prescribed by Dr. Choi at the U of MN was evident when they ran out and he was demonstrating a great deal of discomfort with standing and walking. He began having accidents in the house and found it too difficult to keep up with our strolls around the yard. He has been my little shadow since the day he arrived so this change in behavior was very startling.

After his massage therapist discovered that his sloped posture seemed to be generated from his caudal sacral area two vets suggested that an x-ray of the area would help diagnose the issue. Yesterday at the U of MN he was lightly sedated and given a pain injection for the imaging procedure. He had a really rough time with the drugs and could barely walk even into the late afternoon. Last evening he was still "drunk". I was relieved that by this morning he was back to himself.

The x-rays revealed that his pelvic skelton is normal. So... we know he is in pain but we don't yet know why. Dr. Choi wants to see him next week. In the meantime, I am giving him 81 mg baby aspirin AM and PM which seems to give him some relief. So frustrating.

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  1. How is Milo? Haven't seen an update in a LONG time...