Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life's full of ups and downs

22 April 2014

Last week Milo accompanied Sabrina for a visit with Dr. Choi at the U of MN Vet School.  Milo was getting close to finishing his herbs and is still very weak in the hind end and doing a lot of "sloping" when standing.  More and more it has become difficult for him to keep up with us at the dog park and people have been asking if he is an old dog.

Dr. Choi had several sophomore veterinary students observing her appointments for the morning and both Milo and Sabrina took full advantage of their attention.

Milo's blood work shows that his monocytes although still in the normal range are at the very high end of normal and have risen significantly from his last test.   Dr. Choi did not like that he did not respond the way that she had hoped with the herbs to help his back.   Another round of herbs is being developed for Milo. 

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  1. It's not degenerative mylopathy, is it? My poor sweet Milo. I think of him each and every day, and hope that soon a treatment will be found to help ease that weakness
    in his body. Hugs and a kiss for Milo!