Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pain in the neck

7 May 2014

Milo's appointment today with Dr; Choi went really well. We discussed the concern over Milo's weak hind end including the fear of this being neurological. She also suggested the an MRI or CT scan might reveal disc problems. Several manual tests were performed at the start of the appointment. Turning over the toes on the hind feet was once of them. His response time to right the toes was very slow.

We also discussed his diet and Dr. Choi determined that the protein he's been on - fish - is not right for his disposition which is damp heat.; So we will add duck and turkey.

Then Milo was given acupuncture which he tolerates very well. He is always up for being touched. He had a bit of anxiety about 1/2 way when the electricity was added. Electroacupuncture provides a tiny current to the needles so they are more effective.

Following the acupuncture, Dr. Choi gave Milo some tui na massage. She determined through manipulation that Milo is having some neck problems and acupuncture may very well do the trick for him. She will also order more custom herbs for him.

 After the exam Milo rose much easier and the manual test with flipping his rear toes was again administered. His response time was immediate. It was really great to be able to help him. He looks more alert already. We have another appointment next week for more accupuncture and Dr. Choi feels that this may do the trick. We can hold off on MRI and CT for now.  Oh, and he immediately pooped when we went outside. I guess he really did feel good!

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  1. I am keeping an eye on you, sweet Milo! Stay healthy. I am hoping we can
    meet up again this summer. Hugs and kisses for you, little boy.