Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stock dog?

Sunday, October 21

Milo had a very big day today.  He met sheep up close and personal which was very exciting for him.  He has seen livestock on many occasions, but has never been given the opportunity to work them due to his compromised health.

I kept his session very brief as Milo is still not 100% healthy.  He needed no encouragement to gather up the sheep.  He changed direction and brought them to me several times, which shows natural gathering instinct.  He wasn't confident about going between the stock and the fence, but I think with time he will become more confident about that.  He did some force barking - barking to try to get the livestock to move - but that is common with green dogs when they are trying to sort out what makes them "go".  Milo was very excited about this new opportunity.  He came to me on several occasions to make sure he was being a good boy, but went back to work when I told him he was being a good boy.

I took him out before he got too tired and also for the first few times it is best to quit the dog while they want more - before they get too tired mentally and physically.  

 It was a VERY exciting day for Milo!

His fur is beginning to come in nicely.  In the last week I've found 3 ticks on him.  Two were deer ticks and one wood tick so I used Frontline on him yesterday.  I've not found any ticks on the other dogs.  

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  1. Cannot get over how beautiful Milo looks....and
    even more thrilling is knowing how much he is
    enjoying life, doing what collies do, and just
    hanging out with his family. Thank you so much
    for these wonderful updates and for loving this
    boy. Please give him some big hugs and let him know we think of him everyday!