Saturday, October 27, 2012


Milo lost his confidence about doing the stairs. .

Milo forgot how to go up them last night.  This is a problem because the dogs eat in the basement, so after dinner there was much pacing and some whining mixed with some frustrated barking and other dogs showing him over and over how easy it was.      Up and down, up and down.  (Mostly Leo - go figure).  We are old hats at this since most of the foster dogs that have been with us don't know how to do the stairs.

He's  been doing them for months, just like the cowardly lion he lost his courage.

What finally did the trick for Milo was having Leo and Sabrina at the top of the stairs with me and Milo at the bottom watching them get loved up and have a fuss made over them.  He couldn't take it and came right up to be a part of it!

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