Monday, October 29, 2012

Safe haven

29 October, 2012

At about 8 pm Milo disappeared last night.  It was unusual for him not to be in a spot where he could keep an eye on me.  I knew he was in the house somewhere.  I looked in the basement.  No Milo.  I went into the bedroom and there was Sabrina crashed out on a dog bed.

After turning on the light I checked the crate and this what I found:  

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  1. I had the pleasure (and honor) of helping to
    transport Milo the day he headed to the vet in the cities. It is absolutely breath-taking to see how beautiful and handsome he
    has become.....the transformation is thrilling
    and amazing!! I do hope to once again see
    Milo in person some day. Thank you Karen and
    his foster family for loving this boy!