Sunday, January 19, 2014

Back again

18 January 2014

Milo has been having more back problems.  His back end is very weak and if you run your hand down the length of his body he sinks into a sit.  I brought him back to the doggie chiropractor and she proclaimed that he is so tense and "guarding" that she couldn't really do a full adjustment for him.  So... we are going to take him for a massage tomorrow and follow up with the chiro about a week following the massage.   I talked to Dr. Choi about this in case some herbs would help him, but the herbs he is currently taking for the monocytosis are so strong that he can't take anything for his back/spine issues right now.  If the massage and chiro don't do the trick he'll need acupuncture.   Poor guy.  I think he's been in pain but is very stoic about it as collies tend to be in my experience.

I snapped this photo the other evening before we went to the chiropractor.   What a face!


This morning Milo was using Leo as a pillow.  

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