Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Is Milo reading this?

Wednesday, January 30

Every time I post about Milo's progress with his fears he takes a giant leap backwards so I can only conclude that he is logging into this site and reading about it and is feeling self conscious.   We've taken a giant step backwards with the stairs since my last post.  He has to work this out for himself to gather his confidence.

On a completely different vein, we met up with a volunteer from RLRR to turn over some items which will go up to Red Lake and she had the opportunity to visit with Milo.  She expressed her surprise at his age as she told me that most of the animals at Red Lake are only a year or two old since most have to fend for themselves and only make it through one or two winters.  So very sad.

Milo may have been cared for at some point to last as long as he did on his own.  We suspect he was between 5-6 years old when he was saved by the kind people helping RLRR.

Coming in from the outside - especially in the bitterly cold weather - has been an easy choice for him.  No time to think about it with cold feet/paws!


  1. As always, I appreciate the updates on Milo and I check into the blog daily to make sure I don't
    miss his progress. Someday, and I am sure I mentioned this already, I want to meet this boy
    again. I was a very small part in his transport but following the work Karen does at
    RLRR, and following the stories behind some of the special rescues is something I love doing.
    Milo will always be a special guy to me. I continue to be amazed at his transformation. He has come a long way, looks absolutely beautiful, and I know with time he will tackle
    many issues that continue to mystify him. We are behind him 100%. Please continue to give Milo daily hugs for us. Thanks for loving him!

    1. Hello Nancy -

      Thanks much for your support and encouragement. And of course your volunteer work with RLRR. Milo is a very appreciate recipient of your kindness.

      I'm sure that Milo would love a meeting with you! Where are you located?

    2. We're in Bemidji. We are usually responsible for
      the second leg of Karen's (RLRR) transports. She starts at Trail and we meet her in Bemidji, continuing on to the Leech Lake impound and to Motley, MN, meeting the next leg of the journey who head to the metro rescues. Milo happened to be on one of the transports....this is where we met him. Karen is an absolute angel with the animals and there is nothing we wouldn't do to help her out. I am so pleased that you came forward to help her and Milo.
      Between the love and TLC from both you and Karen, and
      a great medical team, Milo is getting the best of the
      best.....and we are forever grateful! Hope to meet
      you and see Milo again someday. Thanks for all.

  2. Nancy - If you are ever near the Twin Cities we will do our best to make an opportunity for you to see Milo. I'm sure he would enjoy it very much.