Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another step towards a healthy future

5 January 2013

Milo visited Dr. Choi at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medicine Center yesterday.  Dr. Choi specializes in Integrative and Complementary Medicine - a blend of Western medicine with Oriental medicine.

In Milo's case our appointment went like this:  I brought all of his veterinary records and test results which she considered - pointing out the elevated monocytes along with lower neutrophils. During this time, Milo was free to wander around the exam room.  She then observed him as he roamed around, and after a bit she took his pulse from his inner back thigh and checked his tongue.  She noted that he doesn't smell very good - from the mouth area.

These are all things which help Oriental medical doctors diagnose their patients.  If you are interested in learning more, you might wish to read this:  article on dogs and chinese medicine

Dr. Choi concluded that due to Milo's elevated monocytes and lower neutrophils that he has some sort of virus which is somewhat dormant at the moment.  She suspects it is something in his lungs - which would explain his continued labored breathing and periodic coughing.  However, without extensive and invasive testing, we would not know for sure.  She thinks we do not need to do this as she thinks that herbs can help him.  She will order some customized herbs which will be shipped.  These herbs will treat both viral and parasitic infections and he'll take them for a month.  His pulse and tongue indicate that he does have some lung heat, but infection there would explain that. If the herbs clear up the cough and heavy breathing, we'll know that caused the heat.  

An interesting article on Dr. Choi can be found here: Article on Dr. Choi and her specialty (be sure to scroll down)

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