Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's snowing!

9 December 2012


  1. Oh, ya, Milo is obviously a chic-magnet according to the photos of him working the sweet is this boy!
    Everytime I look at photos of Milo, I cannot get over this incredible transformation.....I met Milo on transport, and to see him now is such a beautiful site. He is living and loving and learning.....and I continue to be grateful for this RLR rescue and all the goodness that his foster family has offered him. Thank you.....and hugs to Milo too.

    1. Hi Nancy - I know you are one of Milo's biggest fans. He is quite appreciative. :)

      Do you often do transports for RLRR? I have collected a number of items for them and would love to be able to send them with someone soon. Crates, meds, collars, leashes, etc. You may contact me at

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