Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Ghosts from Christmas past?

26 December 2012

Like many collies who come from questionable beginnings, Milo has moments of what seems like PTSD where he reacts with fear to seemingly normal situations.

Periodically he "forgets" how to come up the stairs from the basement and stands at the bottom whining and barking.  That occurs every few days where there is not confidence on how to do it.  When this happens, I offer encouragement and then have to let him figure it out and summon up the courage to do it on his own.

The kitchen still bears a stigma that is daunting to Milo.  Even though we have treats in there. I imagine that the periodic banging of pots and pans have a great deal to do with that.

Our latest hurdle has been coming into the garage from the back yard.   Milo has periodically felt "pressure" at doorways and I need to be very careful when calling him to me.  If I am full face on to him it is too much pressure and he can't do it.  So I turn to the side being very careful not to loom over him. I always pat my leg calling the dogs to me so as not to put pressure on them.

We've inadvertantly made this worse recently.  As I called in the dogs from the attached garage door to the yard, everyone trotted in and as I was shutting the door Milo suddenly turned to escape.  I didn't see this until too late and caught him in the door as a shovel propped next to the door also fell.  So now that entrance is REALLY scary. You can bet that we are working on changing that around with lots of treats and praise.  

We worked out his issue of being alone by putting his crate next to Leo's so they can "hang out" when I am gone.  He does take great comfort in being with Leo.

Milo does still panic if he can't find me in the house, pacing and pacing.  So being crated and calm with his pal is the best option for him.

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  1. Look at that precious face and loving eyes.....
    this boy is incredibly beautiful. What a
    frightening beginning he has had in life, but with baby steps, ever-so-slowly, he sounds like he is making strides, with some expected set-backs. Thank you, always and forever, for loving sweet Milo! Please give him hugs from us and tell him we are proud of him....and in love with him.