Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday, September 5

Good news and not so good news from our vet visit to re-check the 2nd surgery.

The good news is that Milo tested negative for heart worm and tick diseases - as Dr. Speltz wanted him tested 90 days out from Milo's de-ticking experience.  

Not so good news is that the incision area over his canine still has stitches and, although they are holding fine, they are not dissolving as they should be if there were normal tissue there.  Apparently, the salivary juice action along with granulating healthy tissue cause them to dissolve in a normal situation with the brand of suture material he used.  Ryan said this probably means it is scar tissue which is not granulating.  The inflammation has abated,but is still present.   So, another 3 weeks of no chewing hard things, a soft diet and another check up. 

The other concerning issue is the quality of Milo's coat.  He is growing some nice fuzz, but there is no undercoat present.   I had my groomer (another collie person who wrote the grooming article on the MWCR website) look at it and she agreed.  So... we are starting a supplement called Nupro which I've used for years.   

Milo is still not very active and sleeps a great deal for his age.  He still has not been very playful, much to Leo's dismay, and now with the coat issue I'm concerned about potential thyroid issues.   He has never had a thyroid panel (T4) pulled as there were so many other glaring issues which would have affected the test. 

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  1. Sweet Milo.....we are all pulling for him. He
    has faced so many hurdles, but certainly has been provided with more love than he has ever known before in his life. Thank you for loving this guy!! He has a huge fan club....we love him too and think of him daily.
    Get well, sweet boy.