Monday, September 17, 2012

Still healing

Monday, September 17

Milo is still recovering from his last surgery.  On Friday I thought the incision might be infected and managed to get him in on Saturday to have Dr. Ryan peek at it in the lobby.  What had appeared to be some sort of white sore turned out to be an internal stitch along the upper part of his gum line which is slowly working its way out.  The other stitches are not dissolving, but are holding.  The area is still inflamed even a month and change out from his surgery.  It is not normal that the stitches not dissolve.  Poor kid.  

Ryan put him back on antibiotics as a preventative.  Needs to be seen again in another couple of weeks.   

We were at a herding trial all weekend so he got lots of affection and attention and loved it.  

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