Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More healing

26 November 2013

Milo saw Dr. Choi at the University of MN vet school on Friday because his latest bloodwork showed that his monocytes are again elevated.  She has been prescribing custom blended herbs for him based on blood panels.  Since this step backwards she felt it was time to see him again.  

She is prescribing two different herbs for him this time to help his kidneys and his lungs.  His breathing is still very heavy and he has sporadic bouts of phleghm and coughing.   Hopefully the herbs will get him back on track healthwise.  It was a bit of a disappointment to have him back slide after such a run of hopeful blood tests.  Dr. Choi says that the herbs will help with a broad spectrum of infection - the thought is still that there is dormant infection in his system. 

The other challenge we are working on is that he has had terrible breath and it seems that he may not be chewing his food.  Despite having his teeth cleaned when he had extractions in 2012 he has a great deal of tartar build up on his back teeth.  So... our vet recommends that we try to get him chewing on things.  Unlike Leo he is not toy motivated and is quite picky about chews. 

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