Saturday, October 19, 2013

Freshly groomed in the golden hour

19 October 2013

Milo was groomed this week along with the other dogs.  The light was so pretty I had to take some photos.

Milo needs some work on his down-stay! 


  1. How beautiful he is, now! He's come such a long way. Thank you for all your efforts.

  2. In one of your posts, would you tell us if you'll always keep Milo, or if he'll go up for adoption, in the future?

  3. I am always in awe as to how handsome Milo is, AND extremely photogenic. He really melts my heart when I see him now, knowing his rough beginnings and seeing just how beautiful and healthy he has become. I think Milo is trying to tell you he has no agenda right now......and that includes down-stays! I want to give him a huge hug so badly in person.......some day for sure. I just love this boy! Give him a hug, and kiss on his forehead for me. Let him know that not a day goes by that I don't think about him and wait for more photos and updates. Thanks for caring for this sweetheart!!