Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Many faces of Milo

21 August 2013

A note from Nancy - Milo's biggest fan and one of his benefactors that I had to share:

"I took Milo's collection of photos in frame to the spay/neuter clinic today (in Red Lake) so Karen (RLRR) could see my treasure.   She was so pleased, and had me set the photo in the area where all the medical staff (MN-SNAP) and volunteers take breaks, and the story of Milo was the topic of discussion.   He's a miracle dog and Karen is very proud to see how handsome he has become!
Thank you, Andi.   Hugs for Milo today and always.
Nancy/Bemidji "

Nancy performs many kind works for animals.  Thank YOU Nancy! 


  1. Hey! I was a volunteer at that clinic and got to see Milo's photo collage and he IS STUNNING. <3 So glad he found his way to you and a happy life!

    1. And thank YOU Kristen for volunteering at a very worthy cause! And thanks for the kind note.