Thursday, June 20, 2013

Some good news for Milo!

17 June 2013

We received the results from Milo's CBC on Saturday and Dr. Ryan was practically giddy in reporting that Milo's monocytes are finally within the normal range at 8.9%.  But some of his other levels are still off.  His neutrophils are low at 54.4% and his eosinophils are high at 19%.  

Normal monocyte levels are between 3-10%.
Normal neutrophil levels are between 60-77% (a type of white blood cell that helps fight off infections, particularly those caused by bacteria and fungi).
Normal eosinophil levels are between 2-10%   (one of the five major types of disease-fighting white blood cells.)

In June of 2012 Milo's monocyte levels were at 26.9% and were still high when tested in November so he has made a lot of progress since then. 

Dr. Choi at the U of MN is very pleased that the herbs she prescribed have helped, but wants him to have more custom blend herbs to bring all his levels into the normal range.  

I've attached a photo of Milo from Saturday at the Wildlife Science Center taken by Terry Libro - BEFORE the torrential rains.   Oh, and Milo thinks Kitty's turkey treats are so good that he snatched the entire basket off the table and tried to make off with them!  


  1. Oh, Milo, you are full of shenanigans but love it! You share your sweet personality with lots of 'opinions'....the naughtiness is part of your charisma and that makes you very special. Love you, Milo.....I am sending lots of hugs and kisses your way. I am so very pleased you are doing better health-wise.....keep it up!

  2. He really has become a beautiful dog. I am amazed. Thank you.