Sunday, April 14, 2013


April 9, 2013  - Sorry - didn't post this on the day of....

1.  Milo began the second round of custom herbs last week.

2.  At the park this evening when it was time to go home all of the collies trotted obediently toward the gate to leave when called, but at the last second Milo decided he couldn't hear me and instead turned tail to go visiting with several people.  Again I had to ask people not pet him while I was encouraging him to leave.  I had to smile because it seems to be the natural instinct for people to get involved in this training exercise.  Of course I need Milo to make that decision on is own, but others want to bring him over to me.  It seems to be quite difficult to ignore Milo's hopeful nudge and demeanor!  

It is kind of wonderful that he is being naughty.  It means he is feeling good!

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  1. I think Milo is just a cute social butterfly and likes to meet and greet people on his own terms......actually something very unique and endearing. Hugs from me for this sweet boy!