Wednesday, March 20, 2013


20 March 2013

Very cold start to spring!

The collies at the park this evening were wild and running, running, running.  Having a grand time in the cold and snow.

Milo showed me he is feeling better by being NAUGHTY!  He found a couple who have met him before on many occasions and have seen his transformation over the months of fall/winter and herded them.  As in nibble on the hands, grab pants, coat... nibble nibble nibble.    Then.... when they chuckled at this he JUMPED on the woman!  Naughty collie!  

So.... we have some work to do with learning boundaries.   The people were great when I explained to them that they needed to stop petting him when he did that so as not to reinforce the behavior.

Interesting.  I guess he needs more livestock time!

Still heavy breathing and coughing, but it has improved.   He just finished his herbs, but Dr. Choi thinks - due to the breathing and coughing - that he needs more time and a little bit different herbs.  She feels that this healing from the herbs will take a long time.   Understandable when you consider how very sick he was just months ago.

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